My Formerly-New (but now sold) Pop-up!

In October 2003, I found a great deal on a used Flagstaff 176LTD pop-up on eBay. This camper had never been camped in in the six months that it had been owned. So, I got a "new" camper at a used price!

Fast-forward to August of 2005... I find another great eBay deal. This time, it's a 2005 Rockwood 2302 with all the options. Pictures of the Rockwood will be posted sometime in the future. Meanwhile, the Flagstaff found a new home with another owner. Happy camping!

Flagstaff 176

Pictures of my 2003 Flagstaff.

Camping trips and the pop-up in action.

MaxxAir Vent Installation


Drawer Mod


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