Scarborough Faire Trip

May-June 2004

My adventure to TX over Memorial Day weekend, to visit Scarborough Faire: The Renaissance Festival. I drove from NC to TX with my pop-up, camping at Scarborough as a visiting performer and camping in Mississippi on the way back. The pictures are in more-or-less chronological order, starting with the drive:

I-85 into Atlanta

For those who know Atlanta, this is I-85 heading south into the city. I was trying to show the traffic, but it's hard to take pictures and drive at the same time.

Spaghetti Junction

Also in Atlanta, one of many huge interchanges. A.K.A. Spaghetti Junction.

Scarbrorough Faire offices

The offices for Scarborough Faire. Not really interesting, but hey, I had tons of memory on my digital camera to burn.

Main Gate

So my moving-photography skills aren't the greatest... this is the main gate to Scarborough Faire. The fields are the parking lot(s), and will be filled with cars on faire day.

Home Sweet Home

My home-sweet home for the long weekend. I'm set up in the far parking lot area. Sorry, to all those who are thinking of camping while visiting Scarborough - camping is for participants only. (I was a visiting performer.)


A closer look at my new screenroom I received the screenroom the day before I left - after ordering it 3 months earlier! Grr... it's a long story, but at least I had a chance to install it at home before camping with it. The extra space was nice, and it kept things drier during the ubiquitous afternoon thunderstorms.


Right behind my camper was a "hump" dividing the parking lanes... that was covered in wildflowers! The wildflowers made for a gorgeous backyard..

Opening Gate

Finally, it's Saturday morning and time to" Throw Wide the Gates, And Let Scarborough Faire Begin!" [BOOM (insert cannon shot here)]

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