Renaissance Faires

I have been on cast at both Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, TX and the North Carolina Renaissance Faire in Raleigh, NC. Pictures from these and other Faires are below.

This is my first Ren Faire character: Mistress Cathren Dew, village musician. She's a good musician, but a little lacking in brain power. Think Pinky of 'Pinky and the Brain', or Ameila Bediea of children's literature. SF 2001

I particiapted in the Highland Games at Scarborough, too. Who knew that I had an innate ability to throw heavy objects?!? This is the weight-for-distance competition - look in the upper left if the picture to see the ~20 lb. weight. I did caber-toss, too, though I don't have any good pictures of that event. SF 2001

This is the Maypole, one of the shows I provided the music for. I also was a musician for all the Country Dance shows, Opening Gate, Closing Gate, and most anything else that needed minstels. SF 2001(?)

Opening gate during the Scarborough 2001 season. We were a motley bunch of musicians... peasants, gypsies, daughters of nobles, you name it. SF 2001

When I visited Scarbrough in 2002 (no longer on cast), I decided to try 3 different characters in 3 days. For some reason, Anastasia the Gypsy was the only one that got in any pictures. Here I am as Anastasia along with Nicoli, Rom Baro (King) of the Scarborough Gypsies. SF 2002

Anastasia got to join in the Korobushka at opening gate, too. SF 2002

Oh, and it rained on Memorial Day Monday. Drowned gypsies, anyone? SF 2002

Sholo the Nubian is the fiercest warrior you will ever meet in England. Except when there's a kitty-cat around. SF 2001(?)

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