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So, who is this Photo Spread? And why is she called "Photo Spread", anyhow? To those who have been curious, here are some of the answers:

My nickname is "Photo Spread" due to some wonderful friends of mine in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. I am a member of the Hash House Harriers running club, and members are given nicknames. Most of these new aliases are not repeatable in public, or at least not in mixed company or around your mother. I 'lucked' out with the nickname of Photo Spread, which my mother does actually know about.

So, *how* did I acquire the nickname of Photo Spread? Well, it's not because of my photography skills. (I don't do much better than snapshots, anyhow.) Rather, there was a photo taken of me at a hashing event. No, you can't see the picture. No, it's not out on the Internet [as far as I know]. Yes, it's a bad picture. No, I'm not going to tell you anything else about it. Yes, I have both the origianl AND the negative, thankyouverymuch.

This isn't THE "Photo Spread" picture, but it is a picture of me at some hash event in the Dallas area, not too long after I was named:

Photo Spread at a Dallas hash


Hobbies and Interests

If you've looked around any of my other web pages, you've probably figured out most of these on your own. But I'll give you some extra hints,too.

  • Hash House Harriers - "A Drinking Club with a Running Problem". My current group is Sir Walter's H3, in Raleigh/Durham, though my home hash is the Dallas/Ft. Worth H3.
  • Renaissance Faires - My home Faire, and the best faire in the world (in my humble opinion), is Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, TX. I was also on cast with the North Carolina Renaissance Faire, but I have left the cast this season due to artistic differences. I've attended the Carolina Renaissance Faire, Texas Renaissance Faire, and the Kansas City Renaissance Faire, along with some smaller venues.
    • While at Scarborough, I participated in lots of events and shows, including Country Dance, Human Chess Match, Maypole, and Highland Games. Here's a picture of me throwing in weight-for-distance (look in the upper-left corner of the picture - that's the weight!): Mistress Cathren throwing in the weight-for-distance competiton at the Scarborough Highland Games
  • US Army Reserve Band - I'm currently a member of the 108th Division (IT) Army Reserve Band, based in Charlotte, NC. It's a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of great people. The Army Reserve has been a great 'second job' for me - I would do it all over again, no questions asked.
  • Pop-up camping - I like camping and being outdoors, but being in a hot/stuff/leaky tent is not fun. So I have invested in a pop-up camper to make enjoying the outdoors more enjoyable. You can find a TON of information and a campground-full of friendly folks over on the Pop-Up Explorer message boards.
  • Sewing - I enjoy sewing, and have been sewing since I was a child. I currently have a Kenmore 19000 embroidery machine that has treated me well (I just wish they hadn't comeout with a new model the year after I purchased mine!).
  • Outdoor stuff - Camping, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, you name it... if it's human-powered, I'm all about that!

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