Friends of Geer Cemetery

Leader - R. Kelly Bryant, Jr.
Secretary - Jessica Eustice
Web site - Allen Dew

Sallie R. Husband
Born about 1832
Died January 15, 1905
Buried in Geer Cemetery
Help is Needed !

Please help with this project. You may help with a donation of time, materials and/or money. If you are willing to help, or just want more information, please contact the following people:

R. Kelly Bryant, Jr.

Phone: 919-596-7100

Jessica Thompson Eustice
Phone: 919-680-4919

The Durham Sun - January 15, 1900

Colored Burying Ground North of City Need Attention.

The colored burying grounds, or cemetery, just beyond Mr. F. C. Geer's, out on the Roxboro road, is in rather bad shape. Numbers of the graves have sunken in, and in some instances not a thing can be seen to even indicate exactly where some of the graves are located. There are traces of where fire has recently burned the grass and straw over a portion of the burying ground, and several of the pine boards at the head and foot of the graves were burned, destroying all mark to show where the graves were.

A gentleman tells us that not very long ago, on one of the head boards he noticed that some vandal had written some very unbecoming words. As soon as the gentleman saw it, he very properly set about to erase them and succeeded in doing so. A person, be he white or colored, that would stoop to such a despicable act, is mean enough to do anything and is not entitled to the respect of decent people.

The burying ground certainly needs attention. Interments are still being made there, some having taken place during the month of December. A year or so ago we mentioned the fact that this burying ground should be attended to, but nothing has been done, and in consequence it is rapidly going to ruin.

Jessica's Photo Gallery

View into the cemetery from Camden Avenue toward the south.   Picture taken 12/7/2004 Allen Dew

The Geer Cemetery metal sign is in poor shape and needs to be replaced. This sign was erected by Mr. R. Kelly Bryant, Jr.   Picture taken 12/7/2004 Allen Dew

Listing of burials

Listing of burials in the Geer Cemetery as extracted from the Durham County Vital Records - Death Notices.
Listing of Burials

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